Manchester Orthotics

Manchester Orthotics are looking for talented orthotists to joint their successful team.

Our orthotists at Manchester Orthotics have built an excellent reputation in and around Manchester for orthotic assessment and the correct provision of high quality generic and custom made orthotics.

The patient demand at Manchester Orthotics is continually growing. Therefore we need more high standard orthotists with the experience and skills to blend into our team.

Orthotist vacancy

Manchester Orthotics are looking for a skilled Orthotist to join their team. As a member of our orthotics team, you must be able to appropriately select orthotics from a variety of types, including:

You must be able to treat a wide variety of conditions and practice independently in various locations: the clinic, the home, schools etc. Our orthotists must also be able to provide high standard medico-legal reports, in addition to assessment and recommendation reports for solicitors and case managers. This requires previous report writing experience and familiarity with us of Microsoft Word is advantageous.

All of our orthotists are also carefully selected by consideration of personality traits. You must be enthusiastic, compassionate and professional in your job role. You must be proactive in your own personal development and evidence based practice.

Orthotist vacancy

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