Medico-Legal Reports

Manchester Orthotics provide a comprehensive orthotic medico-legal report service. Our specialist orthotic experts have the recognised qualifications required to work as single joint experts and separate party appointed experts.

We have vast experience in producing reports for defendant and claimant solicitors. We understand that in this field it is important to act quickly. We pride ourselves on offering an immediate service and usually able to send quotes and a choice of experts C.V’s on the same day.

We provide objective legal reports which adhere to CPR part 35 and PD 35 in light of the guidance for the instruction of experts in civil claims.

Our services include:

Where required, we also carry out an in-court expert witness service in line with the requirements stated in PD35.

Where necessary, we will arrange to meet other experts or liase in an alternative matter to form a agendas and discuss professional opinions and produce a report. Copies of proposed requests will be sent to instructing parties promptly in order to give good notice and aid the swift running of our service.

To find out more about Manchester Orthotics medico-legal reports please call us on 0161 883 0355.

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