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At Manchester Orthotics, our specialist orthotists provide a range of first class services including:

These services can be provided at a location of your choice for your convenience. Our experienced orthotists are able to provide assessment and treatment in your home, school or at one of our clinic locations. At Manchester Orthotics, our orthotists provide a professional report writing service for solicitors and case managers and will provide a detailed document within an agreeable time frame. Your orthotist will provide the most appropriate orthotic to decrease pain and improve your ability to carry out a normal, active and rewarding life.

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What we treat

Manchester Orthotics provide orthoses to a wide range of individuals with a huge variety of conditions.

Types of orthotic

We are unique in the fact that as we are independent we can provide orthotics from all orthotics manufacturers.

What is an orthotic?

An orthotic is an orthopedic device that supports or corrects the function of a limb or the torso.

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