Lycra service

Custom made lycra garments are designed to provide compression over a specific joint or segment of the body. Each garment is made to measure and is constructed using panelling systems to provide you with the correct compression and reinforcement for your requirements.

At Manchester Orthotics our experienced orthotists are able to expertly assess and measure you for lycra garments. We are able to provide this service to all ages and across a wide range of needs.

Most commonly lycra garments are used for neurological conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Stroke and Multiple Sclerosis, or as a scoliosis management tool. They can even be used by athletes to support specific movements. Our team are always happy to discuss how lycra garments may be an option with all patients no matter their condition or difficulties.

There are many benefits to the use of lycra garments over traditional orthotic solutions. Most obviously they are close fitting and therefore are not as obvious as other bulkier orthoses. They are also very lightweight which many patients say means they forget they even have them on! The garments are made to measure which means there is a customisable element of them available including the selection of different colours to suit your style. This also enables our experienced orthotists to create the best garment specifically for your requirements by selecting different materials and panels.

The specific benefits of wearing a lycra garment will depend on the patient and the area of the body on which it is worn. However many patients will find the garment will provide increased proprioception and sensory awareness which enables them to feel their limb within space, this in turn helps to control movement. The compression of the garment often also helps with the posture and stability of a limb. For patients with altered muscle tone lycra garments can help to control this.

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