Provision Of Off The Shelf & Custom Orthotics

Manchester Orthotics can provide either off the shelf or custom made orthotics.

Off the shelf devices are premade stock items that are manufactured in mass. There are thousands of different off the shelf products on the market. It is vital that an assessment taken from one of our HCPC registered orthotists to ensure an off the shelf orthotic is suitable for you. As part of the assessment specific measurements are taken in order to select the correct size of off the shelf orthotic.

Our orthotist’s do not work for any manufactures they are not limited by which orthotic they can provide. They have the complete freedom to choose from any off the shelf orthotic product that is currently on the market. This way you can rest assured the most appropriate orthotic will be provided.

When an off the shelf orthotic is not appropriate then we may assess for custom made orthotic. As part of the assessment the orthotist may take measures, casts, scans or photographs to design a custom orthotic specifically tailored to your body and needs.

Our orthotist’s are not restricted by which custom manufacture they can use. This means that they can use the best manufacture and the most suitable materials for the orthotic required.

To find out more about Manchester Orthotics off the shelf and custom orthotics, please call us on 0161 883 0355.

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