Arthritis braces

Arthritis can affect the body in many ways and at Manchester Orthotics we are able to provide a range of different orthotic solutions to provide you support and pain relief to the affected joints.


Arthritis often affects the structural integrity of the foot, this in turn causes pain and affects the way you walk and move. We are able to provide different types of orthotics including:

Custom Made Insoles

These help to offer support, control any deformities, ease pain and offload any areas of high pressure.

Hallux Valgus/ Bunion splints

These can help to control the bunion from progressing, ease pain at night time, prevent the big toe from rubbing against the lesser toes.


We can provide deeper and wider custom made footwear to accommodate foot deformities and orthotic insoles.


The ankle is a complex joint and is made up of many smaller joints providing movement in multiple directions. At Manchester Orthotics we are able to provide a range of orthotics which can help to increase support/stability including:

Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFOs)

There are many types of AFOs which are often custom made and can provide excellent stability around the ankle joint.

Ankle braces

These are more commonly premade and are available in many designs, often made of soft materials with strategically placed rigid supports. Our experienced orthotists will be able to advise you on the best ankle brace for your condition.


At Manchester Orthotics we do not have preferred suppliers, our experienced team are not restricted by what they can supply. This will ensure you receive the very best and most appropriate knee brace on the world market.

Osteoarthritis knee braces work to offload the work out compartment of the knee using a three point pressure system. This then helps to align the knee to relieve pain.

If your arthritis affects your patella (knee cap) we are able to provide knee braces which help to maintain the position of the patella as the knee bends.

You may also find a knee brace will provide relief through compression and warmth if you experience swelling at the joint.


There are a range of braces available designed to be worn by patients experiencing arthritis affecting the hip joints. These most commonly come in the style of a pair of shorts with structural additions which provide compression, stabilization and realignment of the hip joint.


We are able to provide a range of different back braces and supports to reduce pain and increase mobility. There is a wide selection available and our experienced team will be able to ensure the brace selected will be best suited to your condition and requirements.


Arthritis in the wrists can be very debilitating often causing weakness, reduced movement and pain. The support, compression and warmth that a well fitted orthotic wrist support provides can reduce pain and allow you to carry on with life. We are able to provide a range of high quality wrist supports that can suit your specific needs.

Hand (Fingers/ Thumbs)

The joints within the hands are most commonly affected by rheumatoid or osteo arthritis, causing pain and restriction of the range of motion available. At Manchester Orthotics we are able to provide a range of hand splints which can help to align the joints, offer support, reduce pain, improve function and prevent further deterioration.

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