Drop foot splints

Drop foot or foot drop occurs when there is weakness or paralysis of the muscles or nerves which enable you to lift your foot up. This can occur through a direct injury to the muscles, nerves, result of a brain or spinal injury.

There are number of different types of orthotics which can be provided to help you with the management of drop foot including custom made and off the shelf devices:

Ankle foot orthoses:

These are orthoses which help to maintain the natural position of the foot and ankle throughout walking. They can be made of different materials depending on your requirements and can be personalised with different colours and patterns. They can also incorporate hinges or a front shell depending on the weakness present. Our experienced orthotists will take a cast or scan of your foot and ankle to ensure your AFO provides a perfect fit.

Soft wrap orthoses (foot up):

These are off the shelf devices which provide your foot with assisted lift through the use of elasticated straps. They are simple and discrete devices which can attach to your shoes and do not restrict ankle movement. Soft wrap orthoses are not suitable for users who have instability of the ankle in conjunction with drop foot. Our experienced team will be able to assess your suitability for soft wrap orthoses.


A TurboMed is a highly function option for drop foot. It is flexible and durable fitting externally onto most footwear. The TurboMed option is proving popular for athletes, people that work outdoors, dog walkers and people that have history of splints rubbing. The TurboMed is not suitable for everyone so expert advice from our orthotists would be required. If the TurboMed is suitable we have trial kits in our clinics where you can be accurately measured up and have a trial.

SAFO (Silicone Ankle Foot Orthosis)

A SAFO is the most cosmetically pleasing option for drop foot. The SAFO is made from flexible reinforced silicon and is a snug fit against the leg fitting in most footwear. With a choice of 7 shades of silicon the SAFO really can go unnoticed. Our experienced team will be able to assess your suitability for a SAFO and take a series of measurement and plaster cast.

Carbon Fibre

There are many different types of carbon fibre orthotic splints available for the treatment of drop foot from custom made to off the shelf. Carbon fibre is a strong but incredibly lightweight material which can also provide energy return. Manchester Orthotics team of experienced orthotists will be able to assess your suitability for a carbon fibre support. If deemed appropriate a cast, scan and measurements will be taken.

Night splints:

For many people with drop foot it can cause pain and discomfort when resting or sleeping this is due to the weight of the foot not being supported due to the nerve/muscle paralysis. We are able to provide a range of comfortable night/ resting splints to help with your management of drop foot.

In addition to providing splints for drop foot we have a multidisciplinary clinic available which can provide further treatment. For more information visit our Drop Foot Clinic page.

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